Publications [noun]

Definition of Publications:

printing of written or visual material

Opposite/Antonyms of Publications:


Sentence/Example of Publications:

And this is the explanation of the condition that confronts most publications to-day.

The number of publications in the country, as given, is 21,394.

Publications: French literature; some fine books and pictures.

The publications, in all, extended over a period of fourteen years.

He compares his publications to parturitions, nay, to abortions.

He thought the State should assist the society in distributing its publications.

This was one of the five publications on account of which Curll was set in the pillory in 1725.

Then they had down from London parcels of the Tracts, and other publications.

It was the same with me afterwards, as regards other publications.

Few who read Winrod's publications realize the extent of his activities.