Publishers [noun]

Definition of Publishers:

people or person working in communications

Synonyms of Publishers:

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Sentence/Example of Publishers:

He wished now that he had asked Hinde to read it before it had been sent to the publisher.

The publisher of this paper will vouch for my entire reliability.

Found a publisher who thought his writings would sell to posterity.

He tells me he has secured a publisher, and that the book will be out in a few months.

I would sell my soul to a publisher for fifty pounds a year.

A "copyright" in heads is a good suggestion, and coming from a publisher too!

Jeter called the publisher of the leading newspaper for a conference.

"So this is why I couldn't get any satisfaction from the publisher," he observed.

Will you sit down and finish it, if I undertake to find a publisher?

Since then I have never bound myself to any publisher or editor.