Publishes [verb]

Definition of Publishes:

have printed, issue

Synonyms of Publishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Publishes:

Sentence/Example of Publishes:

I'll get his photograph, and publish a newspaper portrait of him.

Mr. Jannissary said that he was not merely willing, but actually eager to publish it.

What do you publish books for if you only want to please yourself?

We don't choose to publish our transactions, however unimportant, to all the town.

Sagnier can publish his famous list if it amuses him to do so.

But before leaving my native country for ever, I resolved to publish my poems.

The articles we publish by women are sent to this office from their own homes.

When first I publish a book, you may be assured my name will be on the title-page.

Within a week the editor wrote that he would be glad to publish it.

They seemed to publish that their guest was being torn from them.