Puckers [noun]

Definition of Puckers:


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Sentence/Example of Puckers:

He was gazin' at me with his mouth open and a pucker between his eyes.

He drew his brow into a pucker which furrowed the flesh between his brows.

What are you thinking of, Judy, and why do you pucker up your forehead?

“Padre, my shoe pinches,” said Nora with a pucker between her eyes.

Mr. Ashe laughed as he smoothed out a pucker in his niece's brow.

Then his face'll pucker, surprised, and he'll begin to crumble down slow.

Suddenly he stopped, and a pucker on his brow betrayed anxiety.

The selvage is more closely woven and will draw or pucker in laundrying.

There was the mole on his chin, and the pucker under his left eyelid.

Victoria's eyes laughed a little, but there was a pucker in her forehead.