Puddle [noun]

Definition of Puddle:


Synonyms of Puddle:

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Sentence/Example of Puddle:

You're in the middle of a puddle now, but when you get over dreaming I'd like to mop it up.

He had been lying in a puddle, and, like little Fay, he preferred "a dly place."

His grey hair was straggling into the puddle around his head.

The "pond" was a puddle, perhaps twenty feet across, left by the outgoing tide.

As for the Princess, she was as happy as a duck in a puddle.

His soft nose had been cut between his teeth and the far edge of the puddle.

I floundered around in that puddle for about two minutes, and then I got up.

Cried myself to a puddle when I first came, but I like it now.

It loosened its claws and dropped with a splash into the puddle of water.

You are so tiny you might easily fall into a puddle and drown.