Puddled [verb]

Definition of Puddled:

fiddle; goof off

Synonyms of Puddled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puddled:




Sentence/Example of Puddled:

If an artificial bog, the bottom may be made of cement or puddled clay.

The roots of the plants were 'puddled' when planted out; that was all.

For a while he puddled pig iron with the long-handled, hoe-like tool.

These large charges are puddled by two gangs of four men each, and a great saving in fuel and labour is effected.

And so in few years puddled himself to death; foully ending the Bavarian set of Kurfursts.

I advised them what to do, and after a good deal of work, Portland cement and puddled clay got them out of their difficulty.

No doubt that puddled core will help to hold the huge mass of earth that we're going to dump around it.

This is as cheap as merchantable English puddled iron can be imported, paying 25 per cent.

He puddled his own soul till the metal was pure, and that's how he got the Iron Will that was strong enough to save a nation.

It puddled the pig-iron until the dross was out, and the pure metal was bessemered into steel.