Pudgy [adjective]

Definition of Pudgy:

slightly fat

Synonyms of Pudgy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pudgy:




Sentence/Example of Pudgy:

And she laughed and laughed, slapping her fat knee with a pudgy, ring-laden hand.

His pudgy fingers trembled about the pen as he scratched on the pad before him.

She had a little baby, a new one, a pudgy red-looking thing.

There was an odd expression of defiance overlaid with fear on his pudgy features.

In the middle of the room stood the Elf, with pudgy hand extended.

But most of all, she hated to see his fat, pudgy hands touching her food.

The colonel held up his pudgy hand and snapped a finger into his palm.

In a third he has a fat, pudgy look, and is quite insignificant—and strong.

He kissed his pudgy hand aloft into the night and held warmly on.

The pudgy hands of the doctor grasped the plainsman's shoulders.