Puffed [adjective]

Definition of Puffed:


Synonyms of Puffed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puffed:

Sentence/Example of Puffed:

Winkleman puffed out his chest and protruded his great beard.

He will not be puffed up by success, or unduly depressed by failure.

He lay back in the chair and puffed smoke above his head for a while.

The other men eyed him with a brooding jealousy as they puffed on their pipes.

Anyone else would have died of it; he merely strutted about and puffed out his chest.

He was quite hot about it, and puffed furiously at his cigar for some minutes.

The women had their green aprons, puffed sleeves, and ten short petticoats.

"We've got the answer," puffed Captain Obed, who was out of breath.

He had news of importance to communicate and was puffed up in consequence.

Reluctantly the boy obeyed, and puffed with feverish energy.