Puffery [noun]

Definition of Puffery:

extravagant commendation

Synonyms of Puffery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puffery:


Sentence/Example of Puffery:

Generous enough in his own way with the abundant earnings of his art, Lemaitre declined to pay for puffery.

All the vile and secret arts of réclame and puffery were to find no place in its immaculate pages.

It is, in fact, a new species of puffery, of considerable ingenuity.

It has then exhausted all the dodges of puffery in pumping up an unusual degree of excitement.

We don't expect the likes from you, Emon; and we don't mind that fellow's puffery and pride.

How I hate the glib rattle of his tongue, the mouldiness of his jests and the transparency of his puffery!

Among my experiences of that nauseous ingredient in theatrical life, puffery, some have been amusing enough.