Pugilism [noun]

Definition of Pugilism:

punching competition

Synonyms of Pugilism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pugilism:


Sentence/Example of Pugilism:

"Let there be no vulgar display of pugilism here," he said, sharply.

IT is not with pleasure that we approach this question, sacred to the pugilism of debate.

He would have dearly liked to watch the display of pugilism.

Unfortunately, this undisputed talent only existed in pugilism.

But enough of pugilism and of what, at best, is a doubtful tradition.

Being challenged to a trial of pugilism by the King's son, he slew him.

And she shrugged her shoulders to indicate the futility of young John's pugilism.

Heretofore, in America, pugilism has been made subservient to the common schools.

Pugilism he learnt from Angelo, and he was considered by some to be a fine performer.

The result of the man's effort at pugilism was almost ridiculous.