Pugnacity [noun]

Definition of Pugnacity:


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Sentence/Example of Pugnacity:

Her expression lost its pugnacity and became sincerely concerned.

We must defend ourselves, so the instinct of pugnacity is born.

The 'Mercury' missed his power of organisation, his splendid gift of pugnacity.

The struggling crowd had lashed his pugnacity and ensanguined his temper.

Celtic, he thought, from her pugnacity, and her taste in fillets and djibbahs.

There was nothing like the pugnacity of the Kiddy in these years of Prothero's disaster.

This, in a youth not seventeen, urged well for the pugnacity of the man.

Fear and pugnacity are too apparent in fish to require special proof.

Well, tenacity or pugnacity conquered, and I worked on until dusk.

Yet his pugnacity was really foreign to the nature of the man.