Pulled [verb]

Definition of Pulled:

drawing something with force

Synonyms of Pulled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pulled:








Sentence/Example of Pulled:

That's why he pulled up his hoss and waited for Allister to make the first move for his gun.

Everybody else said that Dozier was the best man that ever pulled a gun out of leather.

He ran and pulled some grass and proceeded to rub the Major down.

Suddenly the door is pulled open with a jerk and our enemy leaps in.

In the next instant he had stepped within the room and pulled to the door behind him.

As he spoke, he went to the window, and pulled the heavy draperies close.

At the foot of the stairs, Schwitter pulled himself together.

After a time she heard the voice of her mother calling, and it pulled at her heart.

I have just pulled them off, so that you should not have them on.

He pulled his watch from the pocket of his vest, hanging on the bedpost.