Pulling [verb]

Definition of Pulling:

drawing something with force

Synonyms of Pulling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pulling:








Sentence/Example of Pulling:

I keep the beam out of my own eye which I have no hope of pulling out of my neighhour's.

While pulling, flavor with vanilla and a few drops of lemon.

He reached in his pocket and, pulling out a small box, held it toward her.

Some of them tried it, but the Indians swam after them, stabbing and pulling them under.

"It's over the pulling of Lucretia," a man said, simply to relieve his strained feelings.

"This way," she panted, catching him by the coat, and pulling him toward the window.

She went straight to the south room, pulling off her gloves on the way.

I proposed to pull in the direction of the land; which was pulling to windward.

They hovered about until sunset, when they left us; pulling ashore.

Send them to table hot, and split them by pulling open with your hands.