Pulpwood [noun]

Definition of Pulpwood:

ground material from wood

Synonyms of Pulpwood:

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Sentence/Example of Pulpwood:

As a pulpwood, white spruce is in demand wherever it is available.

It is light, weak and not durable, and is used for pulpwood, fruit-crates and berry boxes.

About three per cent of all the pulpwood cut in the United States in 1910 was from this species.

There is another class consisting of low-grade work, such as common lumber, pulpwood, and the like.

The lower grades go as common lumber and small trees are cut for pulpwood.

This is apparently an error, as the wood is not even mentioned in statistics of pulpwood output in this country.

This wood is frequently listed as a pulpwood, and it is quite generally believed that its use for that purpose is important.

Cutters of pulpwood probably take more than sawmills, and are satisfied with smaller timber.

Some of the paper mills in British Columbia are now using these species of pulpwood and report that they make high-grade paper.

Pulpwood logs, gathered from the shore where they were stranded, roared and crackled in the great stove.