Pulsate [verb]

Definition of Pulsate:


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Sentence/Example of Pulsate:

Her feelings, her thoughts, seemed to pulsate in concert with its rhythm.

In the arterial system it also ebbed and flowed, and might be seen and felt to pulsate there.

If this is the case the pus may pulsate if present in large quantity.

When roused, his eyes lighted like a lamp, the whole man seemed to pulsate.

She reads a date, and her eyes seem to pulsate with blind fire.

At once the interior of the Bluebird seemed to pulsate with life.

No longer did it pulsate with mingled delicious emotions of devotion and trust.

Do you think me too wooden for the strings of my heart to pulsate?

He finds that if they pulsate synchronously they attract each other.

The hearts of some animals too, when torn out of the body, and even when dissected, continue their endeavours to pulsate.