Pulsations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pulsations:

Or the pulsation may be simply observed in the rise and fall of a liquid in a tube.

Death is not even a blow, it is not even a pulsation; it is a pause.

Music probably can mean little to her but beat and pulsation.

Action is discontinuous, like every pulsation of life; discontinuous, therefore, is knowledge.

His hand was eagerly searching for some pulsation at the heart.

These must be compared in respect to the pulsation and other particulars.

No pulsation was palpable in the tibials at the end of a month.

Then stopping the process, he placed his hand once more to feel the pulsation.

The necessary amputation is often followed by an arrest of pulsation.

Every pulsation of his heart beat with a love of Zion and a desire for her redemption.