Pulsing [verb]

Definition of Pulsing:

quiver, beat

Synonyms of Pulsing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pulsing:


Sentence/Example of Pulsing:

But it was all very wonderful, pulsing with life, eloquent of achievement.

Stark and cruelly naked they lay there, pulsing with life that should not have been.

The pulsing, throbbing pandemonium was terrific as the march began.

Her thin neck throbbed with the pulsing of blood to her head.

You're young and pulsing with life, and there are—thank Heaven!

The pulsing of the nectocalyx occasions a flow of water into and out of the bell.

Its screen filled with a pulsing glow, and there was a voice.

The Streak was pulsing and vibrating and roaring like a thing alive.

His fury was a red, pulsing thing inside him, fed by his own helplessness.

In fact, all the interests of living, pulsing Thebes were centered here.