Pulverizing [verb]

Definition of Pulverizing:

smash by beating, crushing

Synonyms of Pulverizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pulverizing:

Sentence/Example of Pulverizing:

They also harvest barley, which they pulverize before selling.

They could not pulverize him in the coffee-mill of criticism.

I hope she may not pulverize Hartman as effectually as she does me: he might not take it so kindly.

No other single tool does so much to pulverize the soil, as the harrow.

The earlier the better, if you can pulverize the soil; otherwise not.

As a matter of fact, he's rather afraid of me, so you ought to be able to pulverize him.

Take equal parts of salt, saltpetre, and alum, pulverize and mix.

A good plow should not only turn the soil but should pulverize it as well.

Harrow, an implement used to pulverize the surface of the soil.

Under pretence that we want to study it more in detail, we pulverize the statue.