Puma [noun]

Definition of Puma:

large cat

Synonyms of Puma:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puma:


Sentence/Example of Puma:

Thus she understood that she was become another being, Moke-iche, the puma.

I do not take what I cannot win by my own labor,' said he; 'there was a puma drove up the game for me.'

After a long silence, Puma said calmly: “How much you want?”

Then,” remarked Jim, looking: frankly at Puma, “that definitely lets us out.

And he turned away toward the door, wondering why Puma did not follow.

No; Mr. Puma, who was all art and heart, could not comprehend what Mr. Skidder was driving at.

Go on,” said Puma impatiently, “what else did he say about me?

Puma stopped and looked at him stealthily: “What is it you would do, Elmer?”

And, as Puma turned to go: “The police was here again this evening, sir.”

“I shall not do so,” said Puma, moistening his lips with his tongue.