Pummeled [verb]

Definition of Pummeled:

beat, pommel

Synonyms of Pummeled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pummeled:

Sentence/Example of Pummeled:

They dove for him, hauled him out of the bed, and pummeled him with sheer delight.

He could have pummeled the irreverent knot of gamins who mimicked it grotesquely.

But now he was on top and he pummeled his opponent to a pulp.

They clinched and pummeled when they could and where they could.

I never was whipped, though I was pummeled severely at times.

Ned worked his wiry little foe to the fence and pummeled him.

"Keep him off, Turner," counseled one of his seconds, while he pummeled the wrestler's arm and shoulder muscles.

Sometimes they raved in duet, but during the first day Newt kicked and pummeled his superior forward as long as he could walk.

I was kneaded and pummeled until I could hardly repress cries of pain.

"Wake up," commanded Henrietta, in a terrifying whisper, as she pummeled Mabel mercilessly.