Pummeling [verb]

Definition of Pummeling:

beat, pommel

Synonyms of Pummeling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pummeling:

Sentence/Example of Pummeling:

Meantime the two soldiers were pummeling poor Loubet, who had not regained his feet.

There had been none while their possessor had been pummeling the wretch.

Well, I guess not, after the pummeling you gave him, laughed Sam.

Pummeling some rude fellow who needed it was a satisfaction.

And there was the devil and a Smalander, who were pummeling each other with might and main.

Hen, there is Miss Margaret pummeling the window for you to notice her.

Cosden cried, reaching over and pummeling Huntington on the back.

Dick at last tired of pummeling Garry, and soon he joined in the laughter, for the joke was undeniably on him.

He pounced across the sidewalk, and soon the twain were struggling in the snowdrift, pummeling one another with might and main.

And as for the pummeling I got afterward with the knucks—that was my own lookout—the railroad company is not to blame for that.