Pumpkin [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pumpkin:

Prepare the pumpkin as directed in Art. 65 and add the milk to it.

Warm water that has had pumpkin boiled in it is very good for bread.

When they had gone he went into the den and came back with the pumpkin.

And his head ain't all mush and seeds like a pumpkin, if I'm any judge.

Then she took her into her chamber, and said to her, “Run into the garden, and bring me a pumpkin.”

The question was, How can a pumpkin vine climb a fence, anyway?

The ruddy countenance of the pumpkin was the very picture of geniality.

Pumpkin had seen Rasco on the march just before Dick was taken.

And many a fine gentleman has a pumpkin head, as well as my scarecrow.

Because he was a large melon, every other Florentine is not a pumpkin, I suppose.