Punchinello [noun]

Definition of Punchinello:

joking person

Synonyms of Punchinello:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punchinello:


Sentence/Example of Punchinello:

A punchinello jarred against him with: “Pardonnez moi, pardie!”

It is also from Naples that we have taken the Punchinello dance.

Punchinello asks Columbine who has been with her, and she replies, "Only the servant."

The circus folk said Punchinello was not well and told him he must rest.

Suddenly the child stopped, for Punchinello was no longer dancing.

Punchinello traveled around the world in company with a circus.

"Our show would be as nothing if it were not for you, Punchinello," they declared.

Kings and queens had often hailed him thus, for Punchinello pleased all folk.

In fact it has much of the garish misery of the Punchinello story.

But any though he is, he is as capable of devotion to his Columbine as Punchinello, and remains faithfully mated year after year.