Punctate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Punctate:

Stri lineate on the lower part of the valve, punctate on the keel.

Punctate, dotted, either with minute holes or what look as such.

All three shell specimens are edge-incised, and two have punctate designs.

Most of the specimens from the Edwards Plateau have a punctate pattern (Fig. 9).

Valve lanceolate; cost slightly radiate, punctate; median area broad, lanceolate.

Valve elliptical-lanceolate, obtuse at the apices; pseudoraphe indistinct; stri, 17 in 10 , punctate.

Valve semicircular, with obtuse apices; stri transverse, punctate; terminal nodules minute and indistinct.

Ventral part hyaline except at the ends, which are obliquely striated, with short, punctate lines.

Axial area absent on the dorsal side; dorsal stri, 10 in 10 , punctate.

Central nodule dilated to a stauros; stri transverse, punctate.