Punctiliously [adverb]

Definition of Punctiliously:


Synonyms of Punctiliously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punctiliously:


Sentence/Example of Punctiliously:

They were punctiliously polite, too polite for a horse-ranch outfit.

The five shillings were most punctiliously returned from this point, which also we left soon.

Ceremonious etiquette and detail duties were punctiliously observed.

His external religious duties were most punctiliously performed.

Punctiliously they saluted, and Clifford strode back to the house.

Again, at the door of Room 18, he punctiliously allowed her to precede him.

All this she felt rather than thought, and she acted on it punctiliously.

He had "Mistered" Loring punctiliously ever since Sophy's disclosure.

We gathered up our note-books and were punctiliously polite.

First they are punctiliously polite and request information.