Punctiliousness [noun]

Definition of Punctiliousness:


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Sentence/Example of Punctiliousness:

It must be confessed that this species of punctiliousness was carried too far.

Kilbourne's punctiliousness was exaggerated, but she thought she understood it.

This punctiliousness about titles has more in it than shews at first sight.

These embassies were always conducted with punctiliousness and gravity.

And that is the end of the story of the punctiliousness of Don Sebastian.

On either side of him stood two men who also greeted me cordially, but without the punctiliousness of the Spaniard.

Yet through and in spite of all this she maintained, even to the extreme of punctiliousness, the air of being a visitor at Blent.

So great is the privacy, and punctiliousness with which female honor is guarded in the East.

These combats were conducted with as much ceremony and punctiliousness as ever graced the duelling-ground.

It is easy to smile at her punctiliousness on this score; but after all these years, and on the whole, I think she was right.