Punctually [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Punctually:

Punctually at nine o'clock on Monday morning, George was at the office.

The whistle sounds, punctually to the stroke of six; we are off.

On the Thursday she punctually returned, and after that she did not miss a week.

Punctually at the time appointed, the work of the day began.

"You'll be here then punctually at eight to-night," said he; and we parted.

I conclude that one would like to have a salary, and to be paid it punctually.

The day after, I went to Madame du Rumain's punctually at eight.

Chance will throw us much together; yet this law we will punctually observe.

Every hour punctually, he made his rounds through the building.

Do you know that it is very wonderful of you to get up so punctually?