Punctuated [verb]

Definition of Punctuated:

lay stress on

Synonyms of Punctuated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punctuated:

Sentence/Example of Punctuated:

Mrs. James, habitually doleful, punctuated her speech with sniffs.

Man and machine, side by side, punctuated the passage of time.

There were little nothings, punctuated by trills of feminine laughter.

There was a babble of voices from the loudspeaker, punctuated by bursts of static.

This complaint, punctuated with sighs and tears, lacerated the heart of Clementine.

Here her remarks were punctuated by applause, and some suppressed “Oh, goodies!”

Oddly enough, he punctuated his periods, as it were, with lamp-posts.

He punctuated his question by tapping the pavement with his cane.

Naturally I had punctuated these remarks of hers, here and there.

She punctuated her sentence with a mischievous look at her interlocutor.