Punctuation [noun]

Definition of Punctuation:

typographical symbol

Synonyms of Punctuation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punctuation:


Sentence/Example of Punctuation:

Changes in spelling, use of capitals, punctuation and type are not recorded.

It was a species of punctuation, and implied that Mr. Morgan had finished his remark.

Otherwise, spelling and punctuation are presented as in the original text.

Other than noted corrections, spelling and punctuation is presented as in the original.

That it was the best piece of punctuation I have seen for some time.

Inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation, and hyphenation have been retained from the original.

Other punctuation, including quotation marks, has been standardized.

Author's punctuation style is preserved, except where noted.

However, punctuation has not been changed to comply with modern conventions.

The dialect, spelling and punctuation have been preserved as far as possible.