Punctured [verb]

Definition of Punctured:

poke hole in

Synonyms of Punctured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punctured:


Build up


Sentence/Example of Punctured:

Mr. Hapgood's bluster collapsed, like a punctured toy balloon.

Stephen also got out and the two bent to examine the punctured tire.

You see, we had no town to shoot up, so we just punctured the scenery.

At 1.20 he gave in: collapsed in a moment, like a punctured bladder.

I feel as if I were running on one cylinder and three punctured tires.

It was near Cannes that the marks and the punctured places ceased.

They behave as though some sharp body had punctured the mouth.

Hope ebbed out of my heart, like air out of a punctured tire.

Like a punctured ballon it deflated and became a shriveled, clinging thing.

The sausage had several dents in it, but it was not punctured.