Pungency [noun]

Definition of Pungency:

power, strength

Synonyms of Pungency:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pungency:

Sentence/Example of Pungency:

An illustration, like a funny story, loses its pungency if it requires a scholium.

At the same instant came an elusive whiff of pungency on the chill.

Ripe berries lose in pungency and also fall off and are lost.

It is the flavour of all things like the pungency of pepper.

Taste the residue and cayenne may be recognized by its pungency.

Mr Thresh succeeded in obtaining an alkaloid from the capsicum, but this was entirely wanting in acridity and pungency.

How the freshness of this seasoning contrasts with the pungency of the spices which relieve it!

There is a liveliness and pungency to this water which makes it a pleasant beverage.

But there was a dense cloud of cigar smoke in the room, and mingled with its pungency were sweeter scents.

It is full of quiet, sometimes grim, humour; of picturesque and witty touches; of pungency and irony.