Punishable [adjective]

Definition of Punishable:


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Sentence/Example of Punishable:

But be mine all the fault, and all the punishment, if it be punishable!

Surely, if such intent were not punishable it very soon would be.

They simply could not say a word, for marauding was punishable with death.

Adultery is not punishable by the law, nor is it a ground for divorce.

It has been asserted also that theft is punishable by death.

This for the time and place was treason, and punishable with death.

I can say that my crime is not a punishable one, and yet I feel that I am deserving of censure.

But were a man enjoined to this that did not like it, how tedious and how punishable to him would it prove!

The offence was punishable with death: and convictions were not hard to obtain.

Less was not collectable by law, but was not a punishable offence.