Punished [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Punished:

Since He has borne the punishment for me, I, believing on Him, need no longer be punished.

If it is not as you say, if you have lied to me, much as I love you, I will have you punished.

I tell you they have insulted me; they have refused to move; they should be punished.

In the event of failure such outbreaks are punished, but they are not regarded as immoral.

Somebody, he felt, ought to be punished for it—punished with great severity.

And yet does not the wife of Lot appear to have been punished as an apostate?

If, in this, I punished her here, did I not open to her a way hereafter?

I wish I could go mad for a week, if old Galloway might be punished for it!

Had you equivocated in the slightest degree, I should have punished you for the equivocation.

And to be punished by the consequences of our own choice—what a moral lies there!