Punishes [verb]

Definition of Punishes:

penalize for wrongdoing

Opposite/Antonyms of Punishes:

Sentence/Example of Punishes:

It is unjust, because it punishes the sober man for the vice of the drunken man.

Nor does he distinguish between the suffering which improves and the suffering which only punishes and deters.

She punishes abstractionists, and will only forgive an induction which is rare and casual.

He foreordains their sins and then punishes his children for sins that he wills them to commit.

That is, He punishes them as He punishes the heathen, if they sin as the heathen sin.

Hence it cannot be said that he punishes the evil doer for his sin.

God rewards and punishes because man obeys or disobeys his will and command.

Terrible examples have taught you how he punishes disobedience and crime.

He hates idlers, pretenders, boasters, and punishes these fellows as best he may.

And Jove answered, "Set Minerva on to him, for she punishes him more often than any one else does."