Punk [noun]

Definition of Punk:


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Sentence/Example of Punk:

But you certainly were all to the punk in your judgment about that game.

Of accursed data, it seems to me that punk is pretty damnable.

They were all sizes, but most of them were large, and you need not “punk” them to see if they were ripe.

And then the truth was driven in that my new rags were punk.

I 'clare I dunno, Mas' Sam, 'thout you got some flints an' punk in your pockets.

The outside of the log was nothing but punk, or the operation would have been a failure.

The receptacle was filled with the ash of punk and charcoal.

Some of the singers and others I have listened in on have been punk.

But, blow as he would, there came no glow in the punk, no rise of smoke.

A candle will be found most convenient for lighting the punk.