Punky [noun]

Definition of Punky:

tiny biting fly

Synonyms of Punky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punky:


Sentence/Example of Punky:

Only I don't want him to get punky, so he isn't fit to come back when his term is over.

It should always be a dry, sound stick, brash, but not in the least punky.

Nevertheless, I knelt to feel the punky stuff under my feet.

Apparently Punky did, for he muttered, "Aw right," and flecked the ash from his cigar.

All the other meals were satisfactory, though an occasional one was punky.

The inlet had been reedy, and the water there quiet, and the soil we dug in punky and wet.

The snow was deep, the pine was punky and would easily fall; and now was the chance to get my mice.

Punky Williams wriggled his way among them; his little ears receptive, his mouth close shut.

With an air of passive interest, Punky Williams took out a stop watch, then fixed his eyes upon the figure up the course.

He drew three balls after that, and then on the next he hit one of his short, punky safeties through the left side of the infield.