Punning [adjective]

Definition of Punning:

tongue-in-cheek, kidding

Synonyms of Punning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punning:

Sentence/Example of Punning:

The following may be given as an example of a punning epitaph.

Examples of punning etymologies on names of gods are frequent.

The Latin epitaph is a string of punning allusions to his name.

The ‘only Shake-scene’ is a punning denunciation of Shakespeare.

Young ladies, especially, should beware of establishing any reputation for punning.

His excellency may say, that the art of punning is dead with Tom.

The swallow (hirondelle) is the punning cognisance for Arundell.

Some punning verses to 'Sir Peter' are inscribed with the likeness.

Guinevere, on her part, is equally afflicted with the punning mania.

Here the fallacy rests upon a punning interpretation of "no."