Punster [noun]

Definition of Punster:

person who kids, teases

Synonyms of Punster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Punster:


Sentence/Example of Punster:

The punster smiled faintly, and for once in his life made no reply.

The punster could scarcely refrain from a pun with which he was big.

That was what it came to, if you took it in punster fashion.

A punster speaks of Theists as those who love "le bon Dieu and tea."

Cicero a punster, i. 69; a manufacturer of prefaces, 71; a collector, ii.

Some punster will say, respecting oleaster, that it is olea sterilis.

The cadet had his revenge, however, for the superintendent was afterwards known as The Punster.

Possibly this is what the seal is aiming at; but personally I should prefer the extinction of the punster.

Kore is also a punster who makes abominable puns; these amuse nobody except, perhaps, himself.

It necessarily implies, not only superior wit, but a considerable fund of learning, on the part of the punster.