Puny [adjective]

Definition of Puny:

small, insignificant

Synonyms of Puny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puny:

Sentence/Example of Puny:

I am ashamed to kill such a puny little dwarf as you seem to be.

Pardon me for inserting these puny details in what I have to say.

Even we puny creatures can divine something of their birth and death.

Beauchene asked her as he looked at the pale, puny child on her arm.

What could man's law—his proud but puny morality—do to injure her?

And he shook his puny fist at the blue vault of heaven—Ajax defying Jupiter.

His friends thought he was puny, and they always told him so.

It was too puny a contest for him, and he reposed upon the consciousness of his own integrity.

How puny were the efforts of the five thousand air cruisers!

Lave the still water and the shallows to the weak and the puny.