Pup [noun]

Definition of Pup:

child, children

Synonyms of Pup:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pup:

Sentence/Example of Pup:

The moment his back was turned, the pup had sneaked into the kitchen.

Busted more clotheslines than I've got fingers and toes, that pup has.

Bill Dancing decided, off-hand, that “the pup” was worthless.

He had a blacksnake whip in his hand and was teasing a pup with it.

Here in the rich cream of the day we're waiting for the mail, Dan'l and I and the pup.

Julia withdrew the bottle from the first pup and transferred it to the second one.

Her thirty-second pup has just tumbled into the water, and will certainly be drowned.

"Lieutenant, keep that pup away from my Henry," ordered Joe.

The pup's a hound but it's bound to be pretty, the children will like it.

I wrote Turner Simpson to send you the pup when it was old enough to wean.