Pupils [noun]

Definition of Pupils:

person who is learning something

Synonyms of Pupils:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pupils:

Sentence/Example of Pupils:

To Cimabue succeeded his pupil, the famous Giotto, who died in 1337.

But that pupil had a better protection in the sacred ambition stirring in her.

For her part, she taught me so much more that it seems effrontery to call her my pupil.

Each time the pupil showed it the master said, 'Go on and finish it.'

They were not quite ready yet, for they were still caressing the pupil.

Yet he lost it, and the gold medal was adjudged to a pupil who was not afterwards heard of.

Speaking of a pupil of this character, he said, “I would stand to that man hat in hand.”

She, herself, was all eagerness to learn of her pupil's progress.

That should have been my pupil, and the good luck should have been mine.

The leader of the Idealists, a pupil of the celebrated Fichte!