Puppet [noun]

Definition of Puppet:

person or toy manipulated by another

Synonyms of Puppet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puppet:


Sentence/Example of Puppet:

He might be a puppet's puppet, but he knew exactly the disposition of the strings.

She would be of age in a day or two, no longer the puppet of her father's will.

It is said in this country, yes, and in others, that the Czar is a puppet.

I myself should be a puppet, a doll, at the beck and call of a master.

"Perhaps I shall see you at your puppet show some evening," he said.

Colonel Mannheim's puppet is going to have to cut his strings and do a Pinocchio.

I seemed to myself to be a puppet, a jointed figure, a manikin.

If he's really being made a puppet of, I should think you'd want to help him.

She controlled all things, and the King her son was but a puppet in her hands.

I am called Pharaoh, yet am but her puppet to carry out her decrees.