Purchases [noun]

Definition of Purchases:

possession obtained with money

Synonyms of Purchases:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purchases:



Sentence/Example of Purchases:

The vessel was in ballast, and had brought money to make her purchases with.

Then it's decided, we are going to make our purchases there?

Quite thunderstruck, she hastily placed her purchases in the basket.

Retail dealers, costermongers, and greengrocers were making their purchases in haste.

She now got up at four o'clock every morning to assist her mistress in her purchases.

"I shall be glad to have the purchases carried there," he said.

"I hear, I hear," said the old man, throwing his purchases on the floor one by one.

Very proud he was of his (p. 056) purchases during these excursions.

I also wrote to M. Greppi, asking him to pay for Zenobia's purchases.

We counted the money down, some fifty rupees, including all purchases.