Puree [verb]

Definition of Puree:

make into paste

Synonyms of Puree:




Opposite/Antonyms of Puree:


Sentence/Example of Puree:

This may also be simplified by serving the legs plain in the dish with the puree under.

Pour over it the puree of nuttolene and cover with the other half of the vermicelli.

Keep hot in two sauceboats a puree of Brussels sprouts and a puree of onions.

Cream soups are a combination of vegetables, puree and milk.

Croutons with puree of vegetables of all kinds and with chowders or hard water crackers with the latter.

Mashed boiled brains or sweetbread, or puree of white or red roasted meat, in soup.

By a puree is meant a thick soup; it differs but little from cream soup, being perhaps a trifle thicker.

Another way of cooking potato pumpkin is to cut it in slices, pare off the rind, and make a puree as directed for turnips.

We have puree of spinach on our list, and if we can get any spinach I will show you how to boil it so as to keep its color.

You remember what I told you about spinach soup yesterday—puree of spinach with cream soup, colored green with spinach.