Purely [adverb]

Definition of Purely:

simply, absolutely

Synonyms of Purely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purely:

Sentence/Example of Purely:

The movements in Copper and Cordage Trust stocks are purely speculative.

His love was purely selfish, for he brushed aside her protest as if she had not spoken.

Indeed the whole situation was regarded as purely temporary.

The use of purely local terms in all writing is to be deprecated.

I like better to recall the purely physical side of our journey.

For purely intellectual reasons I'm curious to know the rest.

The team was purely American—that is to say, almost human in its intelligence and docility.

I believe your object to be, purely and truthfully, as you have stated it.

If you refuse to say anything, they will write a purely imaginative interview.

I cannot say what action I should take in a purely imaginary case.'