Purest [adjective]

Definition of Purest:

unmixed, genuine

Synonyms of Purest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purest:

Sentence/Example of Purest:

But the purest and best matrons of Greece refuse to be my guests.

They were sick-and so were the purest of their brethren—with the plague of sin.

Faith, in such circumstances, must be of the purest, and may be of the strongest.

To him indeed they all seemed to glow with the purest Christianity.

It was democracy, rather than "representative" government, under its purest aspect.

They were constructed of ivory and jet, and their capitals were overlaid with the purest gold.

Here then is the divine source of the sweetest and purest joy.

But poetry and art may also be the expression of the highest truth and the purest sentiment.

There is hope in the thought, and confidence and the purest inspiration.

The highest love is the love not of a person, but of the highest and purest abstraction.