Purgative [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Purgative:

For the present he can but prescribe a purgative and a massage of the arm and spine.

The next morning administer a purgative dose of oil or salts.

A decoction of the leaves is purgative and is used in lead colic.

Ainslie states that the decoction is employed as a vermifuge and purgative.

The working of purgative physic is violent and contrary to nature.

When swallowed, the jewel is next day recovered with the help of a purgative.

Pulverized the stone was used as a tonic and purgative by the Greeks and Romans.

This simply acts medicinally as either an emetic or as a purgative.

We know that one medicine is a purgative, because it opens the bowels.

Seidlitz water and sea-water are both known to be purgative.