Purgatorial [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Purgatorial:

Humour ascends from his Hope to them as to a heaven of animals from a purgatorial region.

Shall we invest with like purgatorial powers the flaming swords that barred the way to Paradise?

The speakers were a pair of old Purgatorial Twins, not without alleviations, designed by Nature to multiply.

The Roman Catholic and the Restorationist answer, in purgatorial fire, or in some kind of a second probation after death.

Purgatorial pains—unless indeed they should prove eternal—are insufficient punishment for the impious man who invented Allegory.

It no longer heals the sick; but it conducts a purgatorial lottery at so much a head!

If they should cost her a decade in purgatorial torments, she would feel that they were worth it.

To the discard with it, where, flaming in purgatorial fires, it may be refashioned for future reincarnation on some other planet.

Is not the shield of Achilles, like Dante's pavement of the purgatorial staircase, a forecast of the future?

The subsequent restoration of Israel shows that the fires to which the elegist here calls our attention were purgatorial.