Purging [verb]

Definition of Purging:

rid of; clean out

Synonyms of Purging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purging:

Sentence/Example of Purging:

Is the cold of the earth's night pleasant to him after the purging fire?

But less of this happened, we may feel sure, than a purging away of the dross.

The perfume of his romance suffused her, purging away all that was unworthy.

And as passive resistance was their attitude, his purging scheme was abortive.

If I find it defective, I should serve it by purging it of its defects.

And, assuredly, He will so come, purging us from our evil and abiding in our hearts.

(f) Diseases of the bowels: relaxation or purging, irritation.

This purging is wrought within for the purpose of an increase of holy fruit.

This purging is just what perfects the inward harmony of the branch with the vine.

Thank God for the purging, the subsequent work in the heart!