Purists [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Purists:

Or was he only a purist in conduct who disapproved of Jacobus doing his own touting?

The purist does not use the word pantaloons even, but trousers.

Come and inspect us, unless you're a purist about your Scott!

Then Grey exploded again, and the purist looked from one to the other.

But to do without for the sake of principle was ever rapture to the purist.

I suppose the fact that Arnold is a purist leads you to the contrary extravagance.

He was, as we have said, the typical representative of the purist ideal.

"You are a purist, my dear Brandolin," says Lady Dolgelly, who hates him.

To a purist she always sits—according to my English lesson of yesterday.

Tyrwhit sarcastically observes, that the duchess might have been a purist.